Barn Technologies is an engineering services company with a team of highly skilled and experienced mechanical engineers provides complete mechanical design services whether you need to design a new product, or update and improve an existing design. Leveraging the latest in CAD technology, we can refine assemblies to optimize your mechanical design for functionality, manufacturability and thermal constraints.

Thermal Modeling

Barn Technologies' engineering services and capabilities include thermal design and modeling, guaranteeing that your product can function in even the most challenging environments you may require.

Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses

Barn Technologies can design/customize cable assemblies and harnesses to fit your needs. From flat ribbon cable to coax, our wire design services develop reliable assemblies that you can trust. Barn Technologies is equipped to handle small or large orders and is a one-stop shop contract manufacturing resource for a variety of cable assembly and design needs. Click here for more info.

Any Size, Any Shape

Barn Technologies designs and manufactures products ranging from small embedded modules through add-in cards and rack-mount boxes, all the way to free-standing kiosk designs. Click here for more product information.