Data Center Hardware Manufacturing

Barn Technologies' products and services enable our customers to deliver solutions targeting data center applications with the features and capabilities they need. With technology expertise in network appliances, accelerator cards, and integrated mixed technology platforms, Barn Technologies provides the data center hardware and platforms required to deliver next-generation services such as SDN, NFV, IPS/IDS, and many others. Incorporating features such as redundant power, redundant cooling, and out-of-band remote health monitoring and management, Barn Technologies' products have all the features required to make your next data center project a success.

Supporting HFT, SDN, NFV, IPS/IDS, DPI, and many other data center applications - Our variety of CPU, memory, and SSD configurations provides customers with different price options to meet their respective requirements.

Barn Technologies' rack-mount network appliance products integrate the latest technology from multiple vendors to provide you with the optimal platform for your product. Don't compromise on the cost, quality, or feature-set of your product simply to use existing hardware, when Barn Technologies can deliver a cost-optimized platform with exactly the features you need. Click here for more info.

Accelerator and I/O Cards

Exiting rack-mount servers bring generalized compute and storage at competitive prices, but the general-purpose CPUs have significant limitations when it comes to certain workloads. Barn Technologies' accelerator and I/O cards can enhance the capabilities of your platform and give you the flexibility to incorporate these cards either as a standard part of your product, or as a value-added feature.