Telecommunications Systems Manufacturing

With the mounting pressure in the technological landscape, companies are transforming their data center into a flexible cloud infrastructure to run demanding applications. Supporting AdvancedTCA (ATCA), AdvancedMC (AMC), MicroTCA (uTCA), and other NEBS platforms (including EIA-310), Barn Technologies is a premier switch manufacturer, delivering quality complete hardware manufacturing. Our telecommunications products are used for switching, packet inspection, and SDN applications. As PICMG Executive Members, Barn Technologies is always looking forward to the next generation of form-factors and features to serve the telecommunications market.

Using a technology agnostic approach our team of engineers draws from a range of technologies to create solutions based on your specific requirements.

Barn Technologies' EIA-310 form-factor compliant systems integrate CPU, NPU, and switching to create the next-generation platforms for SDN applications. With systems that function both as controllers as well as switches, Barn Technologies supports all areas of the SDN ecosystem. Click here for more product info.

PCIe Packet Processor Cards

Barn Technologies' PCIe form-factor cards incorporate NPUs from multiple technology vendors to provide our customers with packet inspection platforms for DPI, IPS/IDS, traffic shaping, and other applications. Full-length and half-length, regular and low-profile products are available with a variety of I/O interfaces. Click here for more product info.

AMC and ATCA Cards

Barn Technologies' full line of processor, switch, and I/O ATCA and AMC cards provide the modular building blocks for any ATCA or uTCA system. You can either integrate these into your system, or Barn Technologies can integrate these with chassis and power components from our partner ecosystem.