Serving a wide range of clients in various industries we manufacture simple and complex wire harnesses to your specifications. From simple ground wires to complex interconnect multiple-termination wire harness and cable assemblies, we can manufacturer a custom cable assembly that meets your exact specifications. We have the semi-automatic and automatic termination equipment, tooling and die sets available for the most complex interconnect Class 3 assemblies for Aerospace and the less complex commercial and industrial assemblies.

We utilize semi-automated crimping machines, continuity testing systems, and more to ensure that every cable harness assembly we create meets the highest standards of workmanship, quality, and reliability. No matter how complex your designs, or what quantities you require, we are your one-stop shop for custom cable assemblies.

Wire Harness & Cable Assembly

Certified in AS-9100C, Nadcap (Electronics), and IPC/WHMA-620 Class 3 - the most important standard for the cable and wire harness industry


As an experienced cable assembly manufacturer, Barn Technologies has been a primary source of cable assemblies and quality wire harnesses for aerospace, industrial and commercial customers for over 25 years. We assemble different types of connectors, backshells, terminals, cables tubing braids, labels and more. Capabilities also includes: discrete wire harnesses, shield cables, coax cables, aerospace harnesses, woven flat cable assemblies, and braid cables.

High Reliability

Hand soldering is performed by J-STD-001 certified solderers, and all wire crimping is performed using calibrated tooling. Test programs can be customized to meet your requirements including industrial and aerospace cable applications.

Quality Control

As a wire harness and cable assembly manufacturer, Barn Technologies is AS-9100 Nadcap certified. In addition, our quality-control procedures adhere to ISO 9001:2008 standards and our certified personnel in IPC/WHMA-620 Class 3 allows us to guarantee the quality of every single wire harness assembly and custom cable assembly we ship to you.