Barn Technologies offers our clients a wide range of product design development and research options. Let our skilled and experienced team assist you in taking your product from concept into production and through life-cycle management. Our team can help you with embedded hardware development by selecting the latest technologies, integrating system components, and managing production and sustaining engineering support for projects from individual boards to entire racks.

Barn Technologies' Hardware R&D is committed to the delivery of excellence across a range of platforms, languages, tools and technologies.

Barn Technologies' team of engineers is constantly refreshing our embedded technology library, so that we are always equipped to bring the latest cutting-edge technology to your system. Our research and development expertise covers Switching, CPUs, NPUs, and FPGAs, and even DSP applications. Coupled with the latest interconnects, such as PCIe Gen3, 40G and 100G Ethernet, and USB 3.0, Barn Technologies is uniquely positioned to bring the newest technology to your products.

System Integration

The most difficult phase of any project is often the integration of multiple vendors' products or of proprietary solutions with off-the-shelf components. Barn Technologies' design team works to maximize compatibility with other products, and also provides integration support for your system at the board, chassis, sub-rack, or rack level.

Lifecycle Support and Sustaining

Once your product is in production, component issues are bound to arise. Whether it is potential grey-market parts or EOL issues, the Barn Technologies team utilizes a strong global supply chain to guarantee you the quality, authentic parts you need and make appropriate form/fit/function compatible changes to the Bill of Materials to handle EOL issues.